8 Traits of a True Leader.

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Not everyone is a born leader in this world, but there are certain qualities that most if not all leaders have.
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Managers are people who do things right, while leaders are people who do the right thing. “- Warren Bennis, Ph.D. On Becoming a Leader

The network marketing industry is made up of 3 types of people ~The leaders ~The followers ~And Those in Limbo; up and coming leaders who aren’t quite there yet.

The best way for you to achieve great success in this industry is to be a leader, the followers will never make it big as they are always in someone else’s shadow, and those in limbo just need to persevere and must add value to themselves by educating their mind; the start to believe that they are a leader.Then the rest will follow.

So what makes a good leader?

8 traits of a true leader

#1. Responsibility. A leader will always accept responsibility for their actions and choices that they make in life. They will not be a victim or blame others for their poor choices

#2. Embrace Failure. A leader will see failure differently to everyone else; they will see it as learning. They will take responsibility of the failure, learn from it and move on.

#3. Self Belief. A leader will always have self belief. Success starts from the inside; a true leader will be a promoter of personal development and will never stop educating themselves and learning.

#4. Offers value. A leader always offers value to his team and others, through knowledge, help, support and guidance. A leader will go out of their way to help, if in turn it will help you become successful.

#5. They respect themselves. A leader will respect their life and their body; they will dress with style and will take pride in their appearance. They will have an aura of confidence and are unconcerned by other peoples criticisms

#6. Inspiration. A leader must be inspiring to their team and will go out of their way to motivate and enthuse those that need their attention. They will uplift and improve the lives of those around them, because they want them to be successful, no because they feel obliged to.

#7. Focus and determination. A leader will envisage their goals and will focus their energies on achieving them until they inevitable succeed through hard work and determination.

#8. Positivity. A true leader will be positive and an optimist that lives by the mantra of:- “If you can imagine it you can achieve it. If you can dream it, you can become it.” William Arthur Ward~

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Once you have these 8 characteristics in place, you will soon be seen as a leader in this industry, and will effortlessly attract prospects to you, who want to learn from you, be inspired by you and want to be associated with you.

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