Who is Cher

Hmm where to start? This page of my blog has probably changed more than any other page has over the past 4 years that I have been internet marketing. Its been one hell of a journey! So how did I go from a stay at home mother to a successful internet marketer, social media “superstar”, marketing attractionnaire & small business consultant?

My first foray in making any money online came in the form of Online Gambling would you believe! I just like many started out “Googling” how to make money online, and that was pretty much the first place I arrived at! I achieved success after following the “formula” in an ebook and adding my own spin to the system.. but after 14 days & £12’000 richer the cracks in the system began to appear and I soon realised if I didn’t “Get the money & run” I would lose it all!

I spent most of the money on a “once in a life time holiday” to mauritius & took with me a copy of the next “ebook” that I had purchased. This time it wasn’t anything to do with Gambling, but about some foreign phrase that I kept seeing pop up everywhere “Internet Marketing” namely affiliate marketing. 13 days later I was back in the UK and hungry to start researching more ways of making money online, that involved this new skill that I was eager to learn “Internet Marketing” After reading my 200 page affiliate marketing ebook, I’m not gonna lie, I was pretty damn confused about the whole thing, they were saying things that I had NEVER heard of, and I felt like I was way out of my depth with it.

So I kept searching for other options.. and that was when I came across a business opportunity that really lit the fire inside of me & I knew that THIS was my “calling”.. (well at the time it was;) I threw myself into it, I studied till 2am most nights, I watched endless video tutorials, read stupid amounts of text that made my eyes wobble, until I finally began to get a good understanding of what I needed to do to bring everything together. I implemented everything I learnt, particularly video marketing & social media and within just 2months I started to see  the fruits of my labour. I was in business! I was making money! All my marketing efforts had really picked up momentum & the following month I made my first 5 figures in one month online!

I can’t begin to tell you the excitement that I had! The excitement that this had actually worked, that Cher Pearce (from the UK) was making a living solely off the internet. As the months went past, I continued to have amazing success, and from that success I was in a position to pass down my new found internet marketing knowledge & skills to others who were working with me, & would mentor them on all the methods that I had used to achieve such great results online, in such a rapid time! By this point I had discovered the importance of personal development & how investing in yourself & educating yourself further was imperative to keep growing, not only learning more about I.M but also learning more about myself, my mind, & the power to create. I’ve always been a bit of a geek, with a yearning to know everything about anything, so the personal development just fed that, & in this time, I learnt so so so much.

The most enjoyable expenditures weren’t the new car, or the clothes, or shoes… but the money I was spending on growing myself! Months passed and business stayed busy, but part of me stopped enjoying it so much.. Its a well known fact within Internet Marketing that not everyone becomes successful, in fact the success rates are something ridiculous like 97% of people fail!! Now I was already in that 3% but not everyone around me was, I was dedicating hours of my day to training and mentoring calls, and yet not everyone was using the tools I’d given them to create their own success! This was just totally baffling me.. I was giving people the EXACT strategies that I had used.. and yet why wasn’t everybody using them? Don’t get me wrong, I had some fantastic switched on entrepreneurial people around me, who would take direction perfectly, and would go execute and get fantastic results., but not eveyone did. Not everyone was like me I soon  came to discover, not everyone had the hunger, focus & determination to put in WHATEVER they need to, to be succesful, & I’ll be honest I took it very personally. It would frustrate me that I was putting the time & resources in & yet people still weren’t doing anything. It turns out, not everyone is entrepreneurial, they think they are, or they want to be, but they don’t actually have that unwavering hunger for greatness, or they make excuses, or they just give up.

So that was the beginning of  my exploration into new projects where I could get that excitement back about what I was doing, I’ve always been a firm believer that you have to enjoy what you do.. and for me at that time, the fun had been drained out of it. So I started to surround myself with “my kinda people” this was when I went to my first couple of seminars, & started to mix with switched on entrepreneurial Internet Marketers, who were achieiving great things in their various different niches with their various different methods of making money online. I met some absolutely incredible people, and the whole experience really opened my eyes.. I really started exploring outside of the bubble of “biz opp” & started discovering all these other new “cool” ways of creating wealth! This all began to fire up that hunger again. Especially some of the relationships that I was making & building.

This without a doubt was a big turning point in my career.. being around my peers who valued me for what I had achieved, people I could brainstorm with & learn from. Spending time with them challenged my thinking, opened my mind, & I’d say I learnt more from them and their experiences than I could ever find in an ebook or product! It was around this time that my brand and profile really started exploding online, namely Facebook & Youtube.. I’d have total strangers coming up to me at events, who’d watched my videos or who’d connected with me on FB wanting to hear what I had to say, have their photos taken &  get advice on marketing for their businesses. It was all really fun, very humbling & so great meeting people in the same position that I had been only 2yrs previous.

The “Cher Pearce” brand grew at a staggering rate! At one point I was receiving multiple emails every single day from people asking what my secret was and how I’d built my brand so hugely in such a short space of time. (I’m still keeping those methods under wraps.. but I’m sure I’ll release it one day;) Over the months I kept my eyes open for new projects to start, and new avenues that I could go down in business, and it wasn’t untill I started talking to friends that I knew outside of the “Internet Marketing Bubble” that it reminded me just how much I knew when it came to internet marketing… and how much “normal people” really didn’t know about all things marketing. When you’re surrounded by marketers, its easy to forget there are people outside of that arena who have no idea how to market their businesses effectively online. Your knowledge becomes the norm and you forget how powerful it is to those in the offline world.

It was at this point that I decided that I wanted to shift my focus from working with just anybody to solely using  my expertise to work with business owners. This was the perfect solution for me, it enabled me to utilise all the info I had educated myself on in internet marketing, & give back that knowledge to business owners to help them grow their businesses even bigger! From the point that I made that decision, life got even more exciting!! I added new skills to my marketing ammo, and got straight to work with working with local businesses to help explode their businesses and well havent looked back since.

Being a consultant & strategist for business owners, means that I’m still taking full advantage of my knowledge & skills, but also giving them to other entrepreneurs who value the changes that I am making to their businesses, so that we can all make more money together! It really is win win for all concerned!

My two main income streams are now affiliate marketing & business consulting, it gives me the perfect mix. Affiliate marketing for working on my own projects, for me. Building up my own websites that create auto-pilot earnings, a residual income that makes money for me regardless of whether I work or not & then the consulting enables me to help others build their businesses, and have some human interaction, (you’d be amazed how refreshing this is to have when you’re sat at home behind a computer all day 😉 )

So thats me up to date 😉 Cher Pearce from the UK,  affiliate marketing addict, internet geek, business consultant & social media aficionado! :)
P.S If you want to stay connected with me and what I am doing in business, be sure to subscribe to me on Facebook, would be cool to connect with you and get to know you a bit better over there! :)  >>>> Cher Pearce Facebook 

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