Andrew Reynolds Cash on Demand system- Review.

This weekend we headed down to London for the Andrew Reynolds Cash on Demand Entrepreneurs Bootcamp, the event was a massive success raising bundles for charity and had some fantastic speakers too. But I felt compelled to wrote this post after networking with many already on the “Cash On Demand” system and getting feedback from not only others at the event but also from speaking with many prospects and current team members who had been and are using his system.

There is no doubt the cash on demand system has been a very successful money maker for Andrew Reynolds, but as with anything in the make money niche you have to question if the money made by the product creator is from the system itself, or from selling the idea. Out of a packed auditorium of thousands I must be frank, the general consensus from the people I spoke with, was that few were making money. Many had purchased his course years previously and were getting little orrno results. As with anything in this industry, a lot of the time it will be because people arent applying themselves, few people really have that self motivation and perseverance needed to make something like this a success, and when they dont get results straight away they give up. That happens with all products “make money orientated” but personally I think it has a lot to do with the system itself and the training in place.

One thing I learnt many years ago was that if you want the best chance of success, find someone who is where you want to be at, and learn from them. Which I guess is why so many people have purchased the “Andrew Reynolds Cash On Demand System” but the problem is with buying a course like this is that there is zero one-on-one training, and although you can email your questions to be answered by his support you don’t really get that “mentoring” that I feel is necessary. In todays world with the internet there are so many ways that he could automate his training, webinars, coaching calls, forums, video training etc, but alas, at the time of writing this Mr Reynolds is still lacking in that department.

Personally I think the main reason for the limited success nowadays is that in my humble opinion.. The days of direct mail are over. I’m not sure about you, but if anything other than a bill comes through my letterbox, it goes in the bin. We are living in a fast world, and people nowadays don’t have the time/ the want to read through an abundance of “gumph” that comes through their door. Its just the direction the world is taking, everything is so internet focused today, from TV shows getting their audience to interact on Twitter to corporate companies setting up Facebook pages, the internet is where its at.
Which is why I personally think if you really want to make money working from home, creating an internet based business is the direction that you should go.

I have worked in a number of niches, have bought and tried an abundance of products, however there was one that I have recently been using that really knows how to Bring The Fresh 

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  1. Bring The Fresh June 27, 2010 at 9:42 pm #

    hi, hiya has anyone done the cash on demand at thew workshop im thinking … a lot of research into the cash on demand system

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