Still Searching For That Magic Bullet?

Having been internet marketing for almost 4years, I have tried,tested & reviewed literally hundreds of products.
Whether you’re just starting out online or have been trying to “make it” for quite sometime, you will no doubt have already discovered that the internet is a mass with crappy courses, and empty promises

Make $341,982 in one week, Push this button and flood your bank account, How I went from broke ass student to flying in jets using these little known techniques

Yeah we’ve all seen it, you get the idea! You bounce from product to product give it a go, it doesn’t work right away and then your inbox gets hit by another autoresponder email from some hot shot marketer and you jump onto the next shiny product promising you the world in just a few short clicks.. Its a vicious circle of confusion, frustration, disappointment & wasted money.

Not only that…With so many affiliates out there online, flooding the internet with reviews to earn themselves big commissions you can’t help but wonder if someone recommending a product is doing it for your benefit or for theirs!

This concern is only backed up even more when you’re on a marketers list and every week they’re sending you 3 new products that are apparently each better than the next one. It seems many in the internet marketing niche have fallen prey to the “cool clickbank crew” and now favour an inbox brimming with commissions over integrity and will put their name to just about anything with a good “gravity.”

Whats most annoying is that the majority of these marketers haven’t even purchased, tried or tested any of the products that they are putting their name to, and are promoting them completely blind folded!

Trust me when I say this frustrates me as much as it does you, as I still remember the early days when I was frantically scurrying around online trying to make my first quid!

For those of you who know me and follow my posts,  you’ll know that I don’t promote all that many products, and I definitely don’t promote something if I haven’t bought the product, been through it, and applied it myself! Not trying to be a Mother Theresa.. But if I’m going to put my name to something, I’m going to do it with the primary reason being that I want to help people, if as a by-product I make affiliate commissions from it too, that’s great, but first & foremost if I’m putting my integrity and reputation on the line you can bet your bottom dollar, that its something that I’ve tried myself & really believe in.

There are few people that I follow online nowadays, most lists I’ve unsubscribed from now, but there are a couple of blogs that I do follow from friends and respected marketers in the industry and back in March I stumbled across a post recommending a product that I hadn’t heard of before
Bring The Fresh.
This marketer had some great things to say about it, so I thought I would dive down the rabbit hole a little further and see what this product was all about.

As with any big product the sales page was fantastic, it had the usual beautiful houses & Clickbank screen-shots but what really caught my attention was when I discovered the creator of this product was Kelly Felix.

Many of you will have no idea who Kelly Felix is… but I’m certain many of you will have heard of “The Rich Jerk”..!? Well I certainly had, The Rich Jerk was one of the first products that I came across online when I first started exploring internet marketing. If you’ve never heard of the Rich Jerk.. That’s probably not such a bad thing haha, the dude was an ASS!!

He was true to his name and basically put down anyone and everyone bragging about how awesome he was and how much money he made, and how much of a loser you were because you didn’t have as much money as him… but The Rich Jerk was just a persona, a character, created by Kelly Felix, (smart man;) )

The Rich Jerk rubbed people up the wrong way, but there were thousands who didn’t get put off by his arrogant obnoxious ways and could see that the methods he was teaching were gold and were intrigued enough to pull out their credit cards and purchase; and Kelly made a staggering 8 figure income from “The Rich Jerk”
… 8 figures!?

Its just mind boggling money from one product.. But I digress..

As soon as I discovered the connection between Bring The Fresh and The Rich Jerk, being that they were created by the marketing power house Kelly Felix, I was sold, I wanted to see what this “new” product that I had come across was all about, so I jumped right in and hit that buy it now button, intrigued to see just what Bring The Fresh was all about.

Bring The Fresh – Whats Is It?

Ultimately Bring The Fresh is an SEO product. Wait…don’t click away just yet.. give me a chance, I know many people get a bit *snore* or feel overwhelmed when they hear about SEO because it can sound a little technical and scary.. but hear me out, because if you get it right and apply it correctly, learning the secrets of SEO can bring you crazy CRAZY money, so listen up! (Oh and if you’re still unsure of what SEO stands for.. It means Search Engine Optimisation.)

Bring The Fresh teaches you a number of things

-How To Choose A Good Niche For Optimum Results & What To Look For When Picking A Niche
-How To Keyword Research Effectively- Do This Wrong And You’ll Really Struggle
-How To Set Up A Blog Site In The Correct Way; How To Optimise It For The Big G & others “on page,” plus The Best Plugins To Use.
-How To Get Your Site Ranked Using Their Tried & Tested Back Linking Methods

..and thats just a real simple broken down, no B.S outline.

Is this all new information? Well no probably not, if you spent hours trawling the internet reading every post in the warrior forum, scouring successful IMers websites for tips & tricks, then yeah, you’d come across many of the golden nuggets of info in Bring The Fresh..

But do you have hours and hours to throw away searching for all this information and trying to piece it together in a vain attempt that you get it right and make it work!?

I learnt a long time ago the best, fastest and *easiest way to be successful online is to find someone who is already at where you want to be, copy what they are doing and duplicate their success. Learn from their mistakes, and take the short cut. If someone is making money online, trust me, they have spent ALOT of money doing the wrong thing, failing and testing before they got it right, so sometimes it really is wiser to pay a small price to learn the *easier way than spend hundreds/thousands figuring out how not to do it right, learning the hard way!

So yeah Bring The Fresh provides you with all you need to know, “Under One Roof” and unlike what you may find in your own search online looking for SEO training, Bring The Fresh is up to date, and it stays up to date with Kelly Felix updating their FSG (Fast Start Guide) regularly. Like literally almost every month they’re adding to it and tweaking it to make sure that what they are teaching you is current and effective, whether you are starting this pre or post Penguin/Panda/ (or any other animal that Google chooses) update, you can be sure that what you are learning is relevant.. and that’s real important, countless times I have been reading blog posts going..

“Oooh this is so cool, what a great technique.. Oh hang on, posted in November 2008!? Hmm well I bet THAT doesn’t work now!”

Bring The Fresh really takes the guess work out of everything for you.

Now all that is great, and SEO techniques and strategies are wicked, and when applied, they can make you big bucks, but there are hundreds if not thousands of SEO products online so..

What Makes Bring The Fresh Different To The Others?

I know just how valuable the techniques they are teaching are, but already being an internet marketer, and having a vast knowledge in SEO, most of that stuff I already had/have up in my head… The real clincher for me, that makes Bring The Fresh more valuable than any other “Click Bank Product” I have personally used and reviewed myself is the Bring The Fresh Forum

It is insane – In a good way 😉

So many  times I have been a part of companies and or products that have forums or groups, they try to create a happy home for their users where they can discuss new things, a community where people can share tips and tricks and all grow together..
Have I ever actually seen this happen successfully? In 4 years online, NO.
Not like I have seen in the Bring The Fresh Forum. It is quite simply on another level. So inspiring!

In most forums and groups you see a lot of negativity, people whinging that they’re not getting anywhere, oh this doesn’t work blah blah,  or you have those that claim they’re making money when in reality they’re not and won’t share any proof, or you get those saying they are getting these amazing results, but being too scared to share their techniques because they have that lack mentality and believe that if they give away their secrets the next morning they will wake up screwed when they check their commissions because the world and his dog has suddenly gone and applied all their techniques and taken their money from underneath them, they foolishly think their isn’t enough to go around and get greedy.

I can genuinely say out of all the threads and posts I have read on the Bring The Fresh Forum, there was only maybe 1 guy that behaved in the way that I just described, which having experience and knowledge in this field, let me tell you is so so rare.

The Bring The Fresh Forum is made up of users that really are a community. Like an epic family of driven, focused people who are learning, applying & sharing, and I don’t give a shit how cheesy it sounds to say that, who cares how cheesy it is if its helping you on your journey to make money, right!? I’d heard great things about the forum when I was doing a little research, but I just thought “yeah sure, heard all that before” but really, its awesome.

Whether you have a techie question, want some tips on backlinking, or want help on choosing a domain there is always someone on hand to help, Kelly Felix and Mike Long (Kellys biz partner) are both super proactive in the forum, and spend a lot of time answering peoples questions  and encouraging the BTF members, unlike many product creators, with Kelly & Mike you can feel it, see it, sense it.. These guys REALLY want their students to succeed. They make themselves so available for their students, heck they even give out their telephone number, email and skype names to all members should they feel the need to use it.. However in reality, all the questions you could possibly have, have probably already been asked and answered in the forum, just use the search function, you’ll find them! It is a real hub of activity, and unlike many forums, its not full of posts and members talking for the sake of it about nothing all that much, BTF students are getting right down to business and implementing!!

The “Success Stories” thread has 4655 posts alone! These are from students sharing their stories, when the money starts coming in.
Not just sharing their stories, but their methods too, so if they have “thought outside the box” and done things a little differently to the
Bring The Fresh FSG.. they share what they have done, and the results their efforts have yielded…

This is POWERFUL stuff.

Real life students, taking the training, implementing it, making money & sharing their results, and every success is supported, applauded and encouraged amongst the other Bring The Fresh members.

Ok I know I’m going on about this Forum a lot.. but thats because it really is that good! I can’t tell you how cool it is to jump on there now and again and see the inspiring, motivating stories from BTF students, people who are saying

“Hey Kelly, I joined last month, I did what you said, and heres my first sale for $33.97″

.. Granted £20 isn’t the million pounds that everyone is striving for, but often these are more encouraging than reading posts from those who have made hundreds of thousands, in some cases over a million dollars since joining BTF, because you realise that it is within reach. That you can actually do this.

As many of you may know, making that first sale is the hardest, once you make that first sale, you get that belief in yourself, belief that the system works, belief that you can do it, and proof that its possible, and once you make that first sale online, it is simply a case of duplicating and scaling it up so that you’re making a sale a week from your site, then a sale a day, and doing it over and over again until you are building multiple streams of income.. Then you’re laughing!

So to have access to these members, and to read these posts from everyday people like you and I, who just bought the product last month with no experience, is super inspiring, motivating & encouraging. Having that support is priceless, because it keeps you focused, keeps you on track and maintains that belief that “this works.” Its absolute gold.

And as you know, I’m not saying this from a newbies perspective, I’ve been buying, exploring, learning & also teaching Internet marketing for years, so I’ve got plenty of experience and am viewing this from an “insiders” point of view.. and putting all the excellent SEO training to one side, I would even buy this product, just to access the forum….I really do think it is THAT good.

Which is why I have taken the time to give you my thoughts on Bring The Fresh, because out of all the products I have looked at recently in the market place, this has knocked the socks off of everything, and if I can share and recommend something that I think could help YOU on your journey and help you make either your first quid/buck online or help you ramp up what you are already making..

Then that is what I am going to do…. Cuz I’m nice like that 😉
No really I am.. ha! I want you to have a real idea of what Bring The Fresh is about, which is why I’ve just spent all afternoon writing all these words (2366 of them actually.. so far 😉 ) because I really do think this products deserves it. This isn’t some cut and paste re-hashed review of Bring The Fresh, saying

“Hey you! Buy Bring The Fresh it works, you’ll  make loadsa money”

…like most of the so called reviews that you read online for products, programmes and systems. These are all my thoughts and if I’m frank, I didn’t even realise how long this had got until I just checked then haha, because the words are just flowing easily and I think you only get that when you’re passionate about something, and believe in it!

Is Bring The Fresh Right For You?

As with any product only you can really figure out if Bring The Fresh is something that you feel well benefit you in your journey online. What I will say though, is that if any of the following apply to you, Bring The Fresh could be just what you have been looking for..

– You Want To Make Money Online Affiliate Marketing
– You Want To Know How To Set Up Websites Effectively To Market Physical and/or Digital Products
– You Want To Learn How To Rank Websites High In The Pages Of Google
– You Want To Make Money Helping Local Businesses (The methods taught in BTF can be applied to SEO for local businesses too)
– You Want To Be A Part Of A Community Who Are All Working Towards The Same Goal & Aren’t Afraid To Share
– You Want Up To Date Information & Training That Is Relevant To The Industry Today
– You Think You Will Benefit From Learning Directly From Those Who Have Themselves Made 10’s of Millions Of Dollars In Internet Marketing
– You Often Feel Discouraged And Unsupported Online & Feel You Will Benefit From A Network Of Motivating Marketers To Spur You On
– You Already Make Money Online But Want To Create Multiple Streams Of Income

If one or all of the above apply to you, then I would urge you to look into what Bring The Fresh has to offer, and consider investing in yourself & your future and get your teeth stuck into something new. There are only a few products that I really rave about and or champion myself, as I’ve said I have a reputation to maintain and don’t put my name to any old shit, however Bring The Fresh, Brought with it a breath of Fresh air.. see what I did there 😉 and I really do think that anyone who purchases BTF and becomes a member in this community will not be dissapointed in what they find on the inside.

The Secret To Making Money Online

Too many people jump from product to product in search for “the secret” to making money online, and as Kelly says himself, there really is “no secret” the information is there, you just have to learn it and apply it. Problem is though, most people buy these products, have a read, think oh well there’s no magic secret in THAT, it probably doesn’t work, and then they jump onto something else, without every really committing to it in the first place. With internet marketing you really have to be like a dog with a bone, don’t give up!! If you can pair a fantastic product that is proven to work, with unwavering commitment and action.. Anyone can make money online.

In fact only yesterday I was reading a post in the Success Stories forum from a guy called Nikola who lives in Serbia, where the average wage is equivalent to $430/month.. after going through Bring The Fresh, practically having to learn a new language (english!) to understand it, and jumping over all the other obstacles in his way.. namely Paypal and other similar merchant accounts not even being allowed in his country, from what he has learnt in BTF he has now created a business that is bringing him in $2000- $2500 per month!!
To you or I that may not equate to that huge an annual income, but its all relative. He’s now earning 5 times as much as he was before Bring The Fresh.

The average salary for a woman in the UK is £24,000 (£30,000 for a man.) Imagine, going from that to £120k (or £150k guys).. thats the equivalent of the jump in salary Nikola has had in income since joining BTF, and I might add, this guy had never purchased anything online, I don’t just mean had never bought an IM product.. he had literally never paid for anything over the net apart from hostels when he was at college, because he was so sceptical about the internet and was reluctant to enter his credit card details!

Investing in Bring The Fresh was big leap of faith for him and he had never even heard of SEO before he started. I know for a fact many of you reading this will have a crazy head start on the knowledge that you have compared to what Nikola had on the industry when he started with Bring The Fresh. So hopefully that should be encouragement for you that literally anyone can make something of this, regardless of their background and experience. Nikola goes to prove that if you want something bad enough and are willing to apply and work hard to achieve what you want, it can be done, and you can become successful with Bring The Fresh.

Bring The Fresh Conclusion

No internet marketing product will be right for everyone, but I really do think this has the potential to help people make big money online. I did a little test myself on one of my old domains which I had already purchased (therefore I didn’t have an EMD/exact match domain that they recommend in their guide.) I’d put a review on the site for a different product and done nothing with it, and it was getting 1-5 visits a day at most.

So I chose to put a new product in the same niche on the site, one that I had previously only been promoting with video marketing, and I applied the methods that they teach in the FSG, and low and behold in just a couple of weeks, the site went from getting a few hits a day to 20-40 hits each and every day. (Btw the lull in the graph to the right was the Queens Jubilee weekend) 

Now you may think 20-40 hits a day is not that much, and you’re right, they’re not huge numbers, but this is quite a specialist niche. What is important, is that since applying the BTF methods to my site my commissions for this product have consistently grown month on month.

Here’s a little snapshot from my paypal. February’s commissions (paid to me in March) had purely come in from the video marketing, the increase in payouts for April, May & June are completely down to applying the Bring The Fresh Methods to my site. Yeah its only a few hundred pounds a month, but this was literally just a quick practice, (not even completely following the rules) to put the Bring The Fresh Methods to test, and it worked! So imagine the magic you could create if you do this completely by the book, over and over again.

Get commissions like this from 10, 20, 50 sites a month and its all going to add up! For many you could completely replace your current income, double it or quadruple it!

And the beauty of this system, is its pretty much “set and forget” put in the hard work, get your site ranked, see the commissions start rolling in and then move onto the next niche/product/site creating yourself multiple streams of income bringing you in money on auto pilot month on month.

That is what you call a passive income! 

So there you have it, Bring The Fresh works, it worked for myself and for thousands of others who are making their posts in the BTF forum sharing their success stories. If you want to be one of those success stories, then come along and join the fun! Good Luck!


*Bring The Fresh Bonus*

About to join Bring The Fresh? Find out how to claim your free Bonus from me worth $164  right here >> Bring The Fresh Bonus



* Easy/Easier = When using these words throughout this review I am not insinuating that anything about making money online is “easy.”
To be a successful internet marketer, it takes hard work, dedication & effort. I can however guarantee if you are willing to put all of that into your business you will reap the rewards, be successful and be thankful you did! Do you want an “easy” life or a fruitful one?
The path to success is marathon not a sprint 😉


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13 Responses to Still Searching For That Magic Bullet?

  1. Bev Aerenga July 12, 2012 at 10:57 am #

    Hey thanks Cher
    I bought into BTF literally two days ago and I swear I’m not a feminist or anything but all the ‘students’ making money on the sales page were all men and I was a little intimidated by that as I wondered why there were no success stories from women?

    Your blog was the post and push that I needed, I have been researching for months how to make money online and I have two email addresses that are absolutely flooded with emails from people promising big! So new to this ( I had to google what backlinks were)and so confused, I had to psyche myself up to buy into it and then I only purchased the warrior trial!

    Needless to say after your post, I’ma delve deep into BTF buy the lifetime membership and be committed just like what you say!
    Again, thanks and good luck right back at ya!

  2. ALEX July 12, 2012 at 12:14 pm #

    Hello Cher,

    Complements for an Excellent post !

    I came across BTF exactly a year ago and was highly impressed with Kelly and his early life (and struggles).Lots of factors prevented me from immediate purchase – not least procrastination !

    I look forward to future purchase – VIA YOUR LINK – which at present is not working.

    Kind Regards,


  3. Gareth Morgan July 12, 2012 at 4:36 pm #

    This is the standard of which all product reviews should aspire to meet! A seriously great review Cher, really impressed. I won’t lie, I still haven’t purchased Bring The Fresh as I’ve also come across some differing feedback on the Warrior Forum. However, having read this review, which goes into far greater detail than some negative nelly on a forum ranting “This product sucks, it didn’t turn me into a millionaire overnight!”, I will reconsider Bring the Fresh. ; )

  4. Kevin July 12, 2012 at 5:49 pm #

    This is the first time I have ever seen your site. I am on Kelly & Mikes list and found it via an email from them. I just wanted to say thanks for the information. I have done some research on BTF 2012 and have been on the fence about joining, don’t ask me why I have not jumped on the band wagon as I honestly still cannot figure out why, it could be due to the fact that like you and many others I have been burnt buy B.S. “Gurus” and I just don’t want to pony up the cash.

    Either way, when and if I do decide to join BTF I have bookmarked this page and will purchase through your link so that you get the well deserved commission for posting and amazing review of this product. THANK YOU!

  5. Issac Maez July 13, 2012 at 7:39 am #

    I gave you a link back on one of my pr3 pages, I hope this is ok.

  6. paid surveys July 13, 2012 at 8:20 am #

    I could not resist commenting. Perfectly written!

  7. Cher July 13, 2012 at 3:55 pm #

    Hey Kevin!

    Thanks for leaving a comment :) Don’t worry I know how it is, I was the master at procrastination when I first decided that I wanted to get going in I.M.. I looked at soooo many different products, so many different mentors, and when I eventually got started, and became successful, I saw things from the other side of the coin. I would have people calling me enquiring about mentoring and 6 months later they would call again, still “looking around,” researching and doing their “due diligence. The worst thing about that though was I would speak to these people, and their personal circumstances had never really changed in those months, and they’d be kicking themselves that they had wasted so much time looking around, because in those 6 months they spent dithering about online they could’ve actually gone for it and would’ve already started making money! In fact I kick myself too for not taking more time out over the past 4 years to set up affiliate sites like in BTF.. I have the SEO skills, but was always focusing on high ticket products/commissions, but its never too late to start affiliate marketing, which is why I’m making myself focus on it now, so I too am not kicking myself in 6months 😉

    I totally get what you mean about the fear in getting burned and losing out on money, hopefully you have learnt lessons in the money you have lost purchasing other products, whether that be learning things along the way, helping you to figure out what you don’t want to do online, or even just encouraging you to do your research thoroughly so you don’t get bitten again.

    Ultimately if you want a new “career” there is always going to have to be an investment of some form, time & money.. but for the rewards that can come of it, I definitely think it is worth it. When I started back in 2008 it cost $2995 for the product I purchased.. scary sh*t!!.. I then went on to earn a 6 figure income in my first year online, so it does pay to take that leap of faith. Had I not have gone for it, and bitten the bullet, I wouldn’t be writing you this message on my blog right now :) Sometimes you have to do what you fear to progress in life & business. Whether you do decide to join us in BTF or not.. I wish you all the success in whatever you turn your hand to online!!


  8. Cher July 13, 2012 at 4:02 pm #

    Hey Gareth!

    Thanks for the comment, and I’m glad you appreciated the review! Yeah, funny you should say that, I read some of the warrior forum comments too, each to their own though. As I said in my post, there are many things in BTF that you could find elsewhere online, some of the methods are nothing new, but the difference is whether you can be bothered to trawl across the internet trying to guess at what methods do work on your own vs having a succinct system that spells it out for you and most importantly is current. And again as mentioned in the post, its amazing what a difference it makes (especially to those just starting out, who are yet to start/see success) to have a the community & forum that BTF provides, its really inspiring. I’d say I check the success stories thread at least every other day, just because it’s so nice to see people prosper, get their breakthroughs and make their first £££ online!

    Not sure whats still holding you back… But I hope to see you on the inside soon 😉

  9. Cher July 13, 2012 at 4:04 pm #

    Hey Alex, Hmm not sure why it doesn’t seem to be working for you!? I have just checked all the links on the post and they’re all pointing in the right direction!? Bizarre.. Yeah Kelly’s story is awesome, I actually read his full story on his personal blog last week.. wow the dude has been through a LOT in his life.. But it just goes to show anyone can make anything of their life if they want it bad enough!!

    Hopefully the link is working for you now? When you join us be sure to email me so I can send you your bonus for purchasing through my link.

    See you on the inside Alex!


  10. Cher July 13, 2012 at 4:44 pm #

    Hey Bev!!

    Haha I know what you mean, internet marketing is largely a “mans world”.. but that’s cool, there are many of us who are slowly changing that 😉 Glad that you are going to be one of the women to help us do that Bev!

    Don’t worry about being so new to everything and being totally clueless.. EVERYTHING is google-able! If you’re reading things and don’t know what an EMD, SERP or TLD its okay!! You have to learn somewhere.. and you will understand things like that in the future! I would even go so far as to say, I think you actually have benefits to being a total “newbie” and not knowing any of all this stuff already, because it means you don’t have your own “knowledge” getting in the way, confusing you, or contradicting what is being taught in BTF.. A clean slate! I do tend to try and see the positive in most situations! 😉

    Well done for biting the bullet and going for it Bev.. That’s 1 of 2 big steps that you have completed. The next one is applying what you learn in BTF.
    I’m not suggesting you would as I don’t know you to judge.. But consume everything and then take ACTION!! :) That is the biggest step that most people fall at, they read it, they say “eeek that looks hard” before they have even started and never really give it a go.

    Its not going to be plain sailing, there will be lots to learn, you will get confused and you will have failures… But that’s okay, we ALL have that at times I promise :) Ride all that out and you really have just as much potential as every single other BTF member to make a huge success of this! It will be worth it.

    I’m really wishing you so much success for your foray into I.M Bev.
    Let’s do it for the ladies!! 😀



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