Throughout my foray into internet marketing I have learnt so many new and exciting things along the way, and my job has been made a hell of a lot easier by some of the resources that I use.

So I thought I would share them here with you too, and maybe they might help you along your way in internet marketing too.


Aweber is an autoresponder service that allows you to build a list of subscribers to communicate with in future via emails.  Aweber is one of the industry leaders, has high deliverability and not only is it easy to set up but they also have fantastic support and tutorials to help you should the need ever arise; which when you first start out is highly likely :)

See what is all about here.. and even test them out for 30Days free!

AWeber - Email Marketing Made Easy
Go Daddy.
I get all my domain names from I think the domains are very competitively priced, but not only that the support @ GoDaddy is awesome. When I first started out Internet Marketing, I was so clueless about many of the terms I kept hearing Domain Forwarding, Masking etc etc.. however if I ever had an issue, or didnt know how to do something I just picked up the phone and called their UK number which always got me through to one of their customer service guys who dealt with all of my issues, they’d talk me through whatever I needed step by step and get me sorted :)
I would definitely advise checking them out! A great service!
Get before someone else does!…
The Secret.

This is single handedly one of the most important resources to me, that I know without a doubt.. had I not have invested in this towards the beginning of my journey into Internet Marketing, there is no way I would have become as successful as I have today.
A pretty large claim I’m sure you’re thinking.. but thats just how powerful this “product” is in my eyes.
If you don’t own a copy then you NEED to now. I can guarantee that anyone who is successful in this world, applies the exact same techniques that are taught and explained within “The Secret.” The price for the DVD is inexpensive, but the price you may pay NOT having the Secret in your life is the one I’d worry about :)
Start living by The Secret Today……

Traffic Geyser

For those of you that know me well, you will know what a massive fan of video marketing I am!
Video is an awesome way to build your business, brand & presence online. Not only that but when you do it right, you can get fantastic organic search results in search engines like google, which will drive an abundance of free traffic to your website.
You could be forgiven for thinking that YouTube is the only video hosting website out there… it may be the most popular but there are literally hundreds of websites that you can submit your videos to. Which will build you hundreds of backlinks going straight to your website. If you were to sit behind your computer though and upload one video to every single video hosting site you would be there ALL day.
Which is why Traffic Geyser was created. You can submit one video to hundreds of sites with the click of a button.
Thats 100x as many people who can potentially see your video, and potentially buy your product.

Its seriously cool stuff! Click the link below and you can watch a video that will explain absolutely everything to you. Not only that but you can try it for free for 30 days!

traffic geyser

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