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2013 With Cher Pearce

Happy New Year!! 

I actually started writing this as a Facebook status, and as it got longer and longer I thought why not chuck it on the blog.. well its about time right, it has been 5, yes FIVE whole months since I last updated here, (oh dear yes that better be added to the list of resolutions.. update blog more often 😉

As I begin to type its 23:35 on the 31st December, 2012. New Years Eve. This year unlike previous, I’m not out partying, or freezing my ass off waiting to get into a club or pub, I’m just having a chilled one at home, the little one is in bed and I’m feeling reflective. Reflecting on the 12 months past and contemplating the year ahead.

Yes it may be cliche but tonight its my reality.

Looking Back.

I started 2012 with all good intentions, everyone says they’re going to “make it their year”, that they’re “ready to SMASH 20 whatever” we all have those ideas in our minds, because we all want to improve our lives, we want to learn, and grow, and become better versions of ourselves.

January 1stBut despite turning over the imaginary calender in our mind to January 1st, nothing is actually different. There is no magic button, there is no special genie that appears at midnight and tells you all the things you need to do to make it your year, whatever day of the week or month of the year, you still have to figure this shit out for yourself.

So what do you do when you just don’t know?
You don’t know what you want to be, you don’t know which direction to take yourself or your business?
You know what you want the end result to be, but you don’t know the vehicle that you want to use to get there..  You really want to know, you sit there racking your mind for hours, but you become so overwhelmed with ideas, you don’t know which ones to roll with…

These were the questions that I was faced with coming into 2012.

To have these big ? marks over your head; let me tell you, its frustrating as hell.

I’d just finished my 3rd year “online” and as many of you may know, I first started out online in the “make money niche” working with business opportunities, teaming that up with marketing mentoring & training others how to get started online, and although at the beginning I really enjoyed it, it didn’t last. I enjoyed my successes online, learning about the internet & teaching others what I had picked up and taught myself along the way… just a couple of years in and I was bored. Not just bored, disheartened too.

As cheesy or cliche as it may sound, I really loved working with other people, helping others learn about the internet and watching them grow, and start their own businesses, but it didn’t take me long to realise that not everyone was like me. Not everyone had that self motivation & drive to get out there and do it for themselves, so many of the people I was working with, gave up at the first hurdles, if they weren’t making money straight away they would just throw in the towel, and I started to take it really personally.

I know I shouldn’t have, “Success Is Down To The Individual,” “You Can Lead A Horse To Water But

Horse To Water

You Can’t Make It Drink”  I know I know… but sometimes I wanted it for them more than they wanted it for themselves, so if they didn’t do anything with the information or training I was giving them I saw it as a reflection upon myself. It sounds crazy typing that as I think back, I mean technically we all know you can’t make someone do something if they don’t want to, but I couldn’t help but feel an element of responsibility for helping these people achieve their goals. When you consider the infamous stats in the I.M world of “97% of people don’t make it online” its only inevitable with mentoring of hundred students that you’re going to have many that never get off the ground…& after a while, I knew I couldn’t carry on with something that I really wasn’t enjoying & that brought me daily frustrations.

Goodbye Internet World As I Know It

I started looking into new avenues, new projects I could  start, I had had a number of offers for speaking gigs, I had friends in the industry left right and centre telling me “Create a product Cher”, “Do a Clickbank launch”, etc etc but after watching what I felt was the demise of Clickbank in the back end of 2011 I just really didn’t want to go down that road, despite knowing that I could create a killer product, something was just holding me back. I didn’t want to be tarred with the same brush as some of the jokers that were launching products were.. as many of you reading this will know, the whole Clickbank arena became a bit of a circus at one point. When you watch a sales video with a ditzy blonde model claiming she got an internet Goo-roo so drunk in Vegas that he revealed all his secrets…. you realise that a few are totally ruining the industry for everyone with their tall tales and laughable claims.. and it was just not something I wanted to compete with or be a part of.

I’d lost my passion for it all in a big way, and I’ve always said to myself, it doesn’t matter how much money I can make at something, if I’m not enjoying it, I have to stop. Money is great, but it is not the be all and end all in life. So I totally stopped everything. I took myself right out of that niche and turned my hand to consulting and SEO. I figured instead of working with people who thought they wanted to be an entrepreneur.. how about work with those that already are, and help them build their businesses even bigger, on paper it seemed like the perfect mix, but for one reason or another it just didn’t feel “right” it didn’t feel like its what I was meant  to be doing, at this point I still didn’t know what that was, despite trying new things, but I knew that at this time in my life this wasn’t it.

In the meantime I still had a number of income streams bubbling away, mainly affiliate marketing, and I just kept getting drawn back to it, to do more, to build more. SEO was something that I new I was already well capable of, and my inner geek revelled in the challenge of building a site and getting it to the top of Google, but other than clickbank products I’d never promoted anything else, never any physical products.

cher pearce geekSuch A Geek.

The challenge excited me and I got stuck into building sites, and started seeing some profits pretty swiftly. Nothing huge, but it didn’t matter, I was starting something new, totally from scratch and it was making me money & I loved it! I forgot how satisfying it was to go through this process, I’d had hundreds of high tickets sales over the years, $500 products, $3000 products, but genuinely, this was so much more satisfying because I had totally built it from the ground up myself. No list. No mail outs. No nothing, literally a clean slate.

I was loving getting my teeth stuck into something new but I kind of felt like I was on the right path.. but still not quite there.

Then by chance one day I was shopping online for some specific shoes, and from that point onwards evvvverything changed. I thought to myself what a great niche it would be. The marketer in me headed to the Google Keyword tool quicker than you could say Aweber, and after a bit of searching around, looking at the competition etc, I realised that this could be a great little project, and so I bought my exact match domain and started building.

To cut a long story short, not only was the website a big success it totally flipped everything on its head for me, the other niches that I had in my notepad to explore suddenly became irrelevant.

You hear it all the time, find something that you are passionate about and find a way to make money out of it.. but up until this point I didn’t really know how I could.
The more I started to explore the fashion niche and new methods of driving traffic to my site  that I could never have taken advantage of before in other niches, the more it opened up a Pandora’s box of opportunities and new ways for me to capitalise in a market that is relatively untapped by marketers..!

I haven’t really looked back since. It has reignited my love for the internet and fired up my passion for making money online, just in a totally new way. Looking back I can see that I had become really jaded by all the shit that I was seeing in the industry, and so fed up with the back stabby bitchiness that was often cluttering my Facebook newsfeed between internet marketers with egos as big as their lists!

Yes I loved making money online, but I wasn’t going to sell my soul to the devil like some of my peers were just to make a fast buck.
Thats not what I’m about, it never has been & it never will be.

I know I’ve gone around the houses with this post, what started as a Faceook status update has turned into an epic blog post currently at 1400 words.. and I’m still not quite at my point yet.. but if you have got this far, well done, and thanks for sticking with me 😉

The Point. 
I really wanted to write this post to tell you, if you’re starting 2013 with good intentions, but with no idea what you actually want to do with yourself this year. Don’t worry. I started last year just the same….!

In the time it has taken me to write this midnight has been and gone, but I’m pretty certain my feed is littered with posts from people promising to make it “Their year “, sprinkled with some vague New Years resolutions and a dash of  “These are all the things I’m going to do this year” & good for them, that’s awesome if that’s how they really feel.
However,  I know many will just be spouting out cliches because that’s what they think they should be doing or posting things to paint over where they’re really at, but that’s cool too, it happens every day on Facebook!

Only you know within, how you’re feeling about 2013, don’t be overwhelmed by all the posts from people who seem to have their lives “set” and their years mapped out. You may not know exactly how you’re going to get to where you want to be this year, and the vehicle you will be using to get there, but in time it will fall in to place, you just have to be open to it.

If I had to give you some advice from what I have learnt this past year it would be this 

Live With Passion

If you’re doing something in business or life, and you’re not enjoying it, if it doesn’t sit well with you, or it doesn’t excite you any more, listen to your gut & be open to exploring new things. We can all reinvent ourselves whenever we want to. Especially when it comes to the internet. There are always new things that we can try. You make your own rules, if you want to drop what you’re doing and start something new, do it! This applies to everything in life, businesses and relationships too.  To get the absolute best results, follow your heart and do something that you can be really passionate about, it will yield you such great results, and make your life so much happier, trust me on this one 😀

Tackling Catch 22 

This one is the hardest to describe &  advise of them all, because it really is going to be your intuition that determines the outcome.
On one hand you get told, never give up, keep trying, don’t stop now you could be moments from success.. And to a degree I totally agree with that.. It is so so important that you persevere when it comes to making it online or in business.. However there may come a time when you need to ask yourself, is this not working because of something I am doing, or am I literally trying to flog a dead horse??
Like I said, its a tough one to advise on, because every single one of you reading this will have a different story, a different business etc etc. But you will probably already know in your gut if what you are doing is worth keeping on at. It really is a catch 22 because you can be telling yourself, entrepreneurs never give up, winners never quit, I must keep at it…
But now and again it is possible that its just not right, and giving up and trying something new really is the right decision. Listen to your heart, and if you really do have to give up on something you have been slogging away at for months of even years without success, please don’t let it dishearten you, take it on the chin, use it as experience & turn your hand to something new.

You don’t want to wind up like one of those entrepreneurs in the Dragons Den who’s pissed thousands of pounds up the wall trying to take cardboard beach furniture to market!!

Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway. 

Life is fucking scary sometimes! There we go, I said it! But if you don’t tackle your fears head on you won’t ever move forward. The majority of us are paralysed by the fear of failure. We don’t want to try things, because we don’t want to get it wrong. We don’t want to fail, we don’t want to experience that embarrassment of something we do being unsuccessful. We’re fearful of the ridicule that could come from friends, family, or our partner if we say we’re going to do something & don’t achieve it.
What ever excuse you are giving yourself to stop yourself from trying something new, ditch it. You know what those excuses are right now, rid yourself of them and just go for it. There is no successful man in any industry who hasn’t had their fair share of failures too.
Failure will shape you, teach you things you never new about yourself & undoubtedly make you stronger; providing that you keep pushing through and never give up. Get uncomfortable, and just bloody do it!

Lose The Dead Wood. 

This one is a hard one for many, but if you want to go places, you need to surround yourself with people that are going places, or at least with people who are conducive to your journey & your end result. Unfortunately we all at one time or another have friends that sad as it is to admit just aren’t. Friends that are negative, cynical,  or mood sponges (that’s someone who totally sucks away your spirit when you’re together) Friends that are self centered and are so “me me me” that you end up spending your precious time focusing on their lives and helping them instead of yourself. Friends that don’t inspire you, don’t motivate you, or believe in you. We have all had one or two of these right? If you have one or some in your life right now, please do yourself a favour & pledge to distance yourself from them this year, you will be astounded by what a huge impact it could have on your life, your energy & your productivity. There have been a number of friends that I have “lost along the way” this year, and after I did I could not believe the change it had to me and the huge positive impact it had on my business. It was like someone flicked a switch.. “Beast Mode ON”

I could sit here and type away for another good hour or so, but I think that’s plenty for you to think about, and its nothing that can’t keep until another post.. (after all, its my resolution to be more regular with them right 😉 )

When you see the inevitable posts in your newsfeed this week, of all these people with plans to take over the world, don’t feel overwhelmed that they seem to know what they want if you really really don’t! I know it can be frustrating, I’ve been there too, but I can assure you that the answer will appear when the time is right. When you are doing what is your destiny, what it is you are supposed to be doing, it will just feel right. I really have no other way of explaining it, other than to say, “you’ll just know.” It sounds so vague I know, but really that is the case, & in the meantime, enjoy the journey that takes you there.

If you’re reading this and thinking, “But Cher, I’m cool, I know what I want & how to get there,” then good for you :) It’s an awesome feeling when you feel content, settled & on the right path!
Cher’s final thought.

I hope you find some use in what I have shared above, its been a bit of a brain dump for me,  but I’m often having peers ask what I’m up to at the moment and what my focus is, so I thought posting this would be a great way to update those that are interested, as well as a great opportunity to wish you a very Happy 2013.

I am entering 2013, so happy & focused, with a solid plan of what I want to achieve out of my year and not only that, but how I’m going to get there too, and I have to say I really am more excited than ever. Despite all of the above, the winding journey I have had this year to get to this point, moments of being overwhelmed, unsure of which direction to take, moments where I have lacked belief & questioned what my purpose is.. despite all that, I wouldn’t change it. 2012 was a year of learning for sure, however I have come out the other side with even more confidence in my abilities, with focus, with motivation & passion. I’ve created so many magical memories with the little one & have even bigger plans for us for the future. I’m leaving 2012 behind having made some amazing new friends & having had some fantastic new experiences; & having found love too. 2012 is done & I have a big big smile on my face.

Welcoming in 2013 happier than ever, which I guess constitutes as a very successful year all round.

I really hope you have a fantastic year & that 2013 is filled with all that you desire.
That you learn a lot, live a lot and laugh more than ever before.

Cher (Pearce From The UK)

P.S I’d love to know what your plans are for 2013 or what  you have taken away, if anything, from this post..
Get involved in the comments box below!

5 Responses to Laters 2012

  1. Nick Squires January 1, 2013 at 4:44 pm #

    Many thanks for writing this post Cher, it was a great read.

    A lot of what you write resonates with me, particularly your coaching dilemmas and not feeling fulfilled.

    I am fortunate I can spend some time in January implementing new ventures for 2013. I have ideas but just need to make them exciting for me and the market.

    I have a lot to be grateful for and this blog post is one of them.

    Nick Squires

  2. Phillip Dews January 2, 2013 at 8:15 pm #

    Oh Wow Cher what a blog post! So glad I added you blog in my list of blogs to follow for 2013 (you must check out the post I wrote for them). Took me a while to read it but glad I did and never averted my eyes from it which i am very prod off (I can easily get distracted)!

    I remember starting my IM blog in 2008 -2009 and like you too I got fed up with it so started a new blog which I built over 2 years and then gave up to concentrate on my web development business. I so wish I never gave up The Epic Blog when I did as there was a lot of content on there that I have lost. Last year I found myself struggling with the web design business even though I was bloody good at it but not good at getting the customers in so last month (Dec 2012) I purchased The Epic Blog again and now feel sooo much better and looking forward to building it up again! plus with my web dev skills I have put my own mark on it and looks even better than a few years ago!

    Many thanks for sharing your thoughts Cher this post has been a real inspiration for me and hope others find it inspiring too. Looking forward to the nest post and all the best for 2013…

  3. Philippe Moisan January 5, 2013 at 6:10 pm #

    Hello Cher,

    Wow… I rarely read that kind of post from start to finish. Well, I just did. Thanks a lot for sharing it.

    You said you just finished your 3rd year online. I started in August 2009, so about the same time as you. I’ve had my share of recognition on some social networks, but not close to what you seemed to have earned. However, there’s a project I want to work on and it’s tough to actually start it, as I very often feel “what if they accuse me of trying to make money” lol

    A Happy New Year to you, your child and your loved ones. :)


  4. Russell Williams January 9, 2013 at 2:06 pm #

    Hi Cher,

    I saw the link from Philip so popped across to check it out and glad to read it I was too. Happy New Year to you. I played with the IM world for a short while myself but consider myself as part of the 97% that fail, although it wasn’t really a failure at all. I learned a very valuable lessons and that was how to focus and from that realised that my skills were best served within the property industry which I have 20 years experience in. Further more I have a far better understanding of the net and what it can do for a business. What I liked about your blog is the honesty of it and the admission of the changes that have happened and the fact the same old practises just don’t work any more.

    After a very difficult period in my life between 2009 and 2011 I have completely rebuilt myself. Having gone bust and losing everything financially speaking 2012 was the turning point for me enabling me to go from struggling to pay my bills to being solvent, I even got married, got myself fit, lost 2 stone and was even able to spend the month of December away from work in Miami and Switzerland skiing.

    It has to be the best year ever.

    The sums I have earnt have not been huge but they have been enough, I feel great and have some amazing goals for 2013. My wife has just given up her demanding job so we can have more quality time together. I remain extremely positive about what is possible this year. It will be a difficult year for sure and mediocrity will get you know where. Excel at what ever it is you do and there are rewards to be had.

    I wish everyone of your followers Cher, success for 2013 and look forward to taking a read of of your Jan 2014 post!

  5. Cher January 17, 2013 at 4:43 pm #

    Hi Russell,

    Thanks for taking the time to head over here and read the post and for such an extensive response aswell.
    I’m sorry to hear of your troubles that you had up until last year but amazing news on the successes that you had during 2012!!! Fatastic that you are back on yor feet, happier than ever and married too!! Congratulations to you! :)

    Wishing continued success for you this year :)

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