Your friends SUCK

No really, I’m being serious, your friends suck!

Its something that I have found and thought time and time again since being in this industry. I have spoken to literally hundreds upon hundreds of people via email, over the phone & in person at seminars about internet marketing & making money online over the past 24months,  & one of the biggest things that I have your friends suck -internet marketing friendsdiscovered is that for the majority of people.. when they got started online, they did it alone. Now when I say  alone.. I don’t mean they’re working alone, I’d say pretty much everyone starts on their own online, I know I did… when I say alone I mean with zero support. No support from your partner, your friends or family. In fact its more than “no support” if it was just lack of support I think most would be able to deal with it, but it also comes with, negativity, scepticism, ridicule & the old faithfuls “it’ll never work”.. “it’s a scam”

Have you had to deal with this shi*t? I know I’ve had to.. for me it was a close friend, she was all “Internet marketing is a FAD, it won’t work yadda yadda,” Trust me,  you wouldnt believe how much satisfaction that I had within after only 4 months in, I was making more in a day than she did in a month. But you know, I’m a pretty humble person and I wasn’t the kind of person to fire out the “I told you so’s” but it what as a definite learning point for me, because it was at that point that I realised just how different I was to many of my friends.

You know, not everyone has that entrepreneurial fire in their belly, not everyone is capable of thinking outside the box, so many people in this world are “happy” plodding along living their simple lives, trading their time for money with zero interest in growing as a person, or striving to be the best that they can be. You know the sort that I’m talking about don’t you! The glass half empty type, the type that doesn’t want you to succeed because secretly they want you to stay on their level, these are the type of people that you do spend time with.. but you never like to do it too often, because after leaving them you kinda feel like they’re trying to strip you of your mojo! So often when these types of people see people like you or I (I’m making the assumption that you too are a motivated person who wants amazing things from life!!) they try and bring you “back down to earth” you tell them your new ideas, whats happening in your life and although they appear to be “happy for you” theres no energy, no enthusiasm, no “Oh my God you ROCK!!”

Are you starting to see why I think your friends suck?

Come on.. are you with me on this one??! I reckon every single person reading this either has one person close to them who is like this.. or if you’re really unlucky many people close to you who are like this. So today I’m here to give you some advice.

Out with the old, in with the new!! Get yourself some new friends buddy!!

your friends suck - internet marketing friendsOk that may sound harsh but I am so serious about this one, so I don’t care. You know after that first instance of my friend.. trying to put a downer on my “new project” when I first got started online, it made me pretty private about what I was doing online to everyone else in my world, purely for the reason that I didn’t want to put myself in a situation again where I could let someone voice their negative opinions about me and my new business venture. I get this all the time, specifically from men (sorry ladies this is all true) who call me looking to get started online who say “the mrs doesn’t like it,” or “i’ve tried so many things before that haven’t worked, & she says this is the last time” and I think to myself how hard it must be for these guys to maintain that PMA (positive mental attitude) when they constantly have someone sucking their energies away. And although I am for no reason suggesting that you leave your wife so that you can make your millions on the net “nag free” ( I really don’t need the divorce lawyers calling me!!) what I am suggesting is that if you feel you are in any of the scenarios above, you have to drastically do something to tip the scales!

Get a serious injection of positivity in your life with some new people, because I absolutely guarantee it could really turn your life and your business around! So how are you going to do this? How are you going to find some new friends, to inspire and motivate you, not judge you, and who are knowledgable and wise, and capable of helping you grow as a person…? Well let me let you into a secret….

Internet Marketers make the best friends!

Ha Ha! I know its sounds funny, but it is so damn true! And no I’m not trying to sell you anything here, you won’t find any affiliate link for me to sell you some clickbank ebook detailing all the Internet Marketing Guru’s local hangouts haha;) I’m serious, Internet marketing friends can really be better than the friends that you have in the real world right now, how can I be so sure?! because I am lucky enough to have some very cool ones in my life, who arent just “contacts” but actual friends! cher pearce - internet marketing friends - your friends suck
You see the very cool thing about having internet marketing friends, is that they “get” so much of your life, especially your work life… that your regular friends wouldnt. They understand what you mean if youre talking about SEO and Squeeze pages and clickbank launches and optin rates, all this kind of stuff would go over the head of any regular friend, normally you’d just not talk about it, and if i’m honest we don’t sit around talking shop the whole time we’re together, but to be able to have that opportunity.. is very cool.

What else? Any marketer who is successful will have a real passion for personal development, being able to spend time with people who are also striving for greatness and who are also learning new things daily to build their character is infectious! It inspires you more, and opens your mind more and it gives you new ideas of what you can do to help yourself grow.

Mindset & attitude.. this ones the biggie.. have you ever noticed how those who are successful have the most incredible mindsets! Positive, spiritual, so connected with all those around them, and incredibly giving too? These are the kinds of characters that you need in your life, peopl,e that are content with life, scrap that people who LOVE life, and LOVE all aspects of it.. not the whingers & whiners of this world, but the ones who have a higher consciousness. Being around people like this will make you happier guaranteed!

Seriously, so freaking happy and connected that you have finally found some people “who get you” or who you can connect with on another level!your friends suck -internet marketing friends, personal development If you are working online from home, it is so easy to think that you are in this “on your own” but you’re NOT. There are sooo many people out there online, people who you are going to have ALOT in common with, and who over time.. you never know, you could possibly build really fantastic friendships with!

Find yourself some Internet Marketing friends.

Make yourself open to the opportunity of meeting new people, don’t just keep your head down stuck in your laptop, let yourself come up for air, and start socialising. Are you on Facebook??

If so.. start paying attention to people on there, don’t just spam out content all day everyday without interaction, talk to other people and start building relationships. Do you go to seminars? This is a fantastic way to meet like minded people, OR to connect with people that you have already built up a virtual relationship with on the social networking sites.

And hey if you’re a nice person.. you never know, you could make some really great friends for life! and instead of thinking your friends suck, you’ll be thinking hey! My friends ROCK!

I would love to know your thoughts below.. Do your friends suck? Did you have friends who zapped the life out of you? Do you have some close internet marketing friends and agree with me on this one? Or would you rather have no friends and keep busy building your business? Either way get interactive & let me know below!! :)

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30 Responses to Your friends SUCK

  1. Andy Raybould August 24, 2010 at 7:24 pm #

    Agreed. Surround yourself with positive like minded people and some of it will rub off on you! But friends are friends, old or otherwise…and just becase we change or move on we shouldn't necessarily seek out new for old!

  2. Mark Stephens August 24, 2010 at 7:56 pm #

    Hi Cher,
    I love this post! When I first started the learning process of making money online people thought I was mad, everything was a scam, I'd never succeed, I was wasting my time and money – and the odds (97% to 3%) were stacked against me. But do you know what. I didn't listen, I'd made up my mind I wanted a change and I'm getting on with it. Now I have new friends, I haven't 'left' the old ones behind, I still see them. But I don't talk about my business and I spend less time (still some though!) in the pub! Its one of the sacrifices you need to make to change your life.
    Again, thanks for the post, you're one of the people I 'watch' and learn from – NO!, I'm not a stalker, lol…
    Continued success to you,

  3. Cher Pearce August 24, 2010 at 8:22 pm #

    Hey Andy

    Glad you liekd teh post! Yes I do agree with your point, I'd never say throw all your old friends away for some shiny new ones, but I do think working in this industry, many find they “out grow” their friends, because they are so indulgent with personal development & growing their character.. which I know for many “normal” friends, can seem a bit.. well.. “weird”
    I know that before I got involved in all this I had no idea what “personal development” was.. it all sounded a bit “hippyish” haha.. and I think for some, those friends (that are probably more acquaintenances) may get left behind a little, because naturally as your character evolves and you grow as a person.. you “spread your wings” and want to keep on flying, leaving your “old” life behind, and when you look back and remember how easily those “old” friends put you down at the start, its easier and more fun to keep on flying! :-)
    Thankfully I also have some fantastic friends who have stood by me right from the start too, and never questioned or doubted me.. and nobody could replace those friends!


  4. Cher Pearce August 24, 2010 at 8:28 pm #

    Hey Mark,

    Thankyou! Really appreciate your comments! Good to see that you too agree & interesting to learn that you have experienced many of the points I mentioned. I agree, its not about ditching the “old” friends completely, true friends would never question you, and would just support you no matter what.. these are the ones that we take on this journey with us! (and reap the rewards when we're getting the drinks in haha;) but yes inevitably, as you grow and learn more in this industry you will make new friends that you can connect with who are working in your “arena”, and who will help you grow into a better entrepreneur!! Meeting people like this is so damn cool, so I'm glad you've met some new people like this too, who you can learn from, network with & have fun with!!

    Happy stalking.. see you here again soon!! haha 😉


  5. John Hammond August 25, 2010 at 10:42 am #

    Cher, how true you are!!

    What contiunually makes me laugh is that people in the UK especially do not realise that they have to invest in THEMSELVES!! that means TIME!! & MONEY!!

    I created my own childrens book online, illustrated etc all using outsourcing.. created my own characters that I now own the worldwide copyright to………. my friend didn’t understand why I would invest £500 in having this created.. they had no foresight!! the same goes for their thoughts on Internet Marketing yet they will constantly buy consumable items but not invest!! with time and money, but they will still moan when they do not progress year on year, but stand still…. I could go on !! but you know.. I have vented!! thank you!!

  6. Kenneth Fontana August 25, 2010 at 10:50 am #

    Hi Cher,
    Yes, I liked your post and I agree with just about every word.
    I would like to get started on earning money through the internet but the problem is TRUST.
    My e-mail is full of offers to help me make, sometimes, millions of dollars (usually dollars) but I have been subject to some investment scams and I am very sceptical. All offers, surprise, surprise involve paying out up front rather than paying out as the money is made. I am curious to know why the people making tens of thousands with their methods somehow seem to want to sell their training methods to others? It sounds generous but the catch is always cash up front before you start and this makes me suspicious.

  7. Billy August 25, 2010 at 11:11 am #

    Hi Cher
    Are you any marketeers in Northern Ireland signed with you.

  8. Paul McCarthy August 25, 2010 at 11:19 am #

    Hi Cher,

    The short version is –
    Cher, great post I totally agree!

    The long version is:-
    Cher, the difference between the statuses on my two Facebook accounts; one of which you’re my friend in (the do’ers, action takers and chase your dreams like a rottweiler after a piece of meat), and the other with my old friends from the “office” (sorry for swearing on your blog, Cher!), is just incredible.

    Things like “I love life, am grateful for what I have and now I plan on taking my business to 7 figures per year” versus “Feeling down, need a drink – wondering when life will get better?!”.

    I was thinking about this the other day…I am a great fan of reading biographies and history proves that anyone who dares to achieve, who does things slightly outside of the norm is laughed at, ridiculed and chastised. That is, of course, until the dream is realised…

    Thomas Edison, Abrahim Lincoln, Henry Ford…Let’s move things forward…Theo Paphitis, Alan Sugar, Peter Jones…We can even use Chris Gardner as an example! (Have you seen the film Pursuit of Happiness with Will Smith?).

    Anyway, my point is this….there are literally thousands of examples – it’s the one thing anyone who dares to achieve really has in common.

    So, being doubted by people close to you is actually a positive thing. It’s putting you in the same light as the hundreds of thousands of high achievers that stood before you, faced adversity and came through.

    I absolutely agree that finding a network that’s on the same wavelength as you is of paramount importance. Napoleon Hill talks about it “Think and Grow Rich” and takes it to the next level suggesting weekly masterminds and knowledge sharing.

    All I know is that having a network of people who understand you, your achievements and aspirations is helping me tremendously to follow through especially in times of self doubt!

    Taking a step back, I wonder what type of crowd you’re going to attract with a your “friends suck” optimised blog post…..Ermm, I hear has an affiliate program 😀

    Shoot I should be working – this is just a passionate topic for me!

    Nice post Cher!

  9. Shaqir Hussyin ;-) August 25, 2010 at 1:13 pm #

    Yo Yo YO – I love this Post my friend Cherry Cher hahah
    too right, all my closest friends are successful marketers and entrepreneurs, striving to bring the best out of themselves and others, my life changed once i changed my “friends” lol, never looked back!!

    i met you at a seminar only a month ago, u sipped my mojito and then we went skydiving and now you can’t get enough of my company hahah
    (2 way thing) 😉

    i have seen soo much growth in you personally over the last month – in your mindset, your financial thermostat and personal growth. Yippeee – so happy for you girlie, hahah

    we’re gonna do some crazy stuff together hahah FRIEND.

    anyway i have got some cool things to talk about with ya.. skype ya later

  10. Aaron Darko August 25, 2010 at 12:32 pm #

    Nice one Cher!

    We met at a seminar so that says something ay!

    Totally agree with this. When you're starting out online its very lonely – but people just need to step outside their comfort zone and start networking! Become a social animal lol

    It really is much more fun to have an internet marketing friend because there's SO much more to talk about! I find now that when I talk to some of my 'old' friends we dont have much to talk about anymore because I've outgrown them. Its a shame really!

    And yes typically people don't want to see you succeed because they themselves lack the ambition and drive. They secretly want you to stay on their level exactly all because they don't have 'the balls' to go and create a better life for themselves!

    Wow really big point – Thanks Cher :)

  11. Cher Pearce August 25, 2010 at 1:54 pm #

    Hey John,

    Thanks for your comments, completely agree with your points too! I think over here in the UK as a nation we are much more ignorant to the idea of personal development! Hope all is going well with your childrens book! :)


  12. Cher Pearce August 25, 2010 at 2:10 pm #

    Hi Kenneth

    Id be suprised if you find any product or system that allows you to “pay back” after youre making money, it takes alot of time, effort, and expense creating these products let alone all the time that “we” have put into learning everything that goes into creating products or making systems successful.

    The best way to look at it in my opinion, is to realise that the internet is no different from the “real” world, if you want to learn a new trade, then you must invest in yourself and your education, just as you would if you were to go on a college course, or go to university.

    It would be like not charging people tuition fee's, untill they pass successfully at which point you THEN charge them. Why should we give our time and effort personally training people, sharing our hard earned strategies for free.. to those who may never implement or take advantage of the information that they have access to? Thats just my opinion Ken, I'm sure you'd find 1000 different opinions if you asked around. :)

    The best thing to do is do your research on the products that you are looking into, and go with your instincts!
    Many products have a 60 day money back guarantee, or if you are joining a business, then you always have the help of your sponsor, to get yourself up and off teh ground!

    Good luck Ken, and thanks for your comments!


  13. Cher Pearce August 25, 2010 at 2:11 pm #

    Not as yet.. fancy being my first 😛

  14. Cher Pearce August 25, 2010 at 2:16 pm #

    Love your response Paul!

    COMPLETELY agree.. i have two accounts too, and the difference between them is INCREDIBLE! I spend 90% of my time on my business one now!

    You get much less of the “my life sucks- I hate my job – FML- having a bad day” comments
    So much better for your energies to log in and be around people “loving life!” :-)

    & yes I agree, with hindsight… its good to have those “doubters” around you because it pushes you more,
    but for many people when they are getting that “at present” will not have the will power to give a “mental screw you” to their friends and power on through to succeed!

    Thanks again fro all your points! :-)


  15. Cher Pearce August 25, 2010 at 2:26 pm #

    haha yes social animal aaron so we did!.. well after meeting virtually of course!

    completely agree, with your “outgrowing” of your friends, and its no suprise aaron, you have come so far in the few months that we have really “known” each other.
    Youre achieving fantastic things, great to see that you didnt let those who lacked amition hold you back!

    Keep rocking! :-)


  16. Cher Pearce August 25, 2010 at 2:44 pm #

    hey hey bro!
    “i sipped your mojito..” haha that all sounds very mysterious..
    I think youll find I was just thirsty 😉 haha!

    Yes I am GRATEFUL to have you as one of those crazy internet marketing friends who helps me grow, and
    who gets to talk into the wee hours of the morning with me about allsorts of random shizzle!! haha,

    yes lets go and take over the world brain! Thenext year is going to be incredible!!
    Bring it ON!! :)

  17. Tom Harvey August 25, 2010 at 10:32 pm #


    Great post which is all too true. So many of your friends are either at what they perceive to be their level or either unhappy with their lot yet unwilling to do anything about it, whilst it doesnt make them any less of people it just means its hard to garner their support or understanding when you strive for more, often resulting in them laughing and saying its simply not possible.

    Those who are real friends will support you either way, whether they believe in it or not, and will still be there in the years to come, however it is all so important to align yourself with like minded individuals and share in success, ideas and development.

    I'm at the beginning of my foray into Internet Marketing and have started developing a few contacts, but am yet to start hitting the seminars and socials properly which I'll be needing to do to form new friendships and connections.

    What I sometimes struggle to find is comprehensive details of what events are going on in the UK (I live in Birmingham in the week for work (for now anyway) and usually in London at weekends) so that I can arrange to meet up with people and network – any up and coming or annual events that you would recommend??

    Speak soon, Tom

  18. Tenacityv August 26, 2010 at 6:25 am #

    Oh my…. reading this made me feel like you were in my head!

    The last year for me has quite frankly been horrendous. I was the Director of my own six figure off line company which fell foul to the wonders of government funding cuts (we operated within government funded work based learning). I lost everything.

    Losing the company was bad enough but I also lost the group of people I was associated with. LIKE MINDED, PASSIONATE, MOTIVATED people!

    I immediately returned to my “old life” only to discover that I am a completely different person to a majority of the people in my life. I spent alot of time wondering if I’m wired up wrong. “Is this it?” …. am I supposed to just get a job and plod???

    I soon realised that I can have these people in my life because I love them but that everybody is their own person and I shouldn’t feel ashamed for being driven and sometimes a little materialistic!

    I am albeit slowly, on my way back up and almost slightly greatful that what happened, happened because I now appreciate acheiving things so much more. I used to think being driven was normal but I am now very aware that it is a special gift given to those with the persistence and tenacity to acheive!

    Thanks Cher…. ! …. !

  19. Isabel August 26, 2010 at 10:47 am #

    Hi Cher!

    Thanks for posting that message up…..and I totally agree with all you say! We all need positive, like-minded people in our lives to enhance our spirit and live life to the fullest.
    I attend seminars which leave me floating on air with all the positivity….but I must say that at times, when I’m around certain people who “suck” it can get me on a downer, therefore now, I stay away and maintain a positive outlook on life and know that we can all have our cake and eat it! ;o)

    Thanks again and have an amazing week Cher!


  20. Cher Pearce August 26, 2010 at 3:10 pm #

    Hey Tom, Appreciate your comments.

    Yeah I agree the TRUE ones will support you whatever, but I think everyone has those “friends” who are there.. but dont fall into that “true friend” category. Theyre usually the small minded negative ones! LOL.
    I wish you all the success with your new business venture.. and YES definitely get yourself connected
    with some people on your “wavelength” soon :)

    Pop me an email, and i'll let you know of some great seminars that are coming up soon!

    Take care


  21. Cher Pearce August 26, 2010 at 4:21 pm #

    Sorry for getting into your head there!! haha

    Im so sorry to hear about the demise of your offline business :(
    But its great that after time you can now look back on it as a learning experience, and that
    it has humbled you and made you even more grateful of your achievements!
    Keep that drive, motivation and tenacity & I have no doubt that you will get back up to those 6 figures
    in no time! After all.. you've done it once you can do it again!!

    Would love to know your progress :)

    Keep rocking!


  22. Cher Pearce August 26, 2010 at 4:25 pm #

    Hey Isabel!

    Sorry to hear that your friends suck! But so happy for you that you have the strength and positivity to outshine them, and keep yourself on that higher level of energy! I agree.. at the right seminar with the right people, you walk away with such an injection of inspiration and motivation.. that cant be replicated quite the same elsewhere! Keep yourself on that vibration and stay focused on what you want!!

    I have no doubt you'll get it!! :)

    Hope you too are having a fabulous week!


  23. Aaron Darko August 26, 2010 at 5:48 pm #

    thanks Cher appreciate it!

  24. Shabba58 August 27, 2010 at 7:15 pm #

    awesome post cher , true is a understatement of the things you are pointing out …
    ]tc and have a top bank hol wkend … 😉

    daz redican

  25. Cher Pearce August 27, 2010 at 7:52 pm #

    Thanks Daz, Glad you enjoyed the post!

  26. Greg Lumsden October 29, 2010 at 10:38 pm #

    Yes excellent words i know what you mean….

  27. ecigchic November 1, 2010 at 4:55 am #

    WOW, this is the most accurate thing I may have ever read! I am going through this completely alone. I'm a single mom and have by the grace of God survived. It's been 7 years since I escaped domestic violence, and 4 years addiction free (prescription pills). My family has been reminding me each day for the last 4 years that I'm still a junky. Mind you, I've tried very hard to right my wrongs and even accomplished more than I have in my lifetime. The best and most rewarding accomplishment I've made thus far is a website aimed at helping other survivors by providing tips and advice on how to help themselves. When I shared the site with family via email my response or lack there of was incredible. Not one person responded. To make matters worse my aunt asked if anyone had seen my site at a family gathering and then added that she hadn't and just sent my email to spam. Don't get me wrong I know I have had my issues in the past and it takes a long time to get back on the up and up but this is just mean in my eyes. My father still hasn't even seen the site and tells me it's just a waste of time an that single moms like me shouldn't chase a unachievable dream until the kids are grown. This has led me to spend many long nights chasing my entrepreneurial dream while working during the day. It just feels so good to know I'm not alone! Honestly, I can't wait to walk into his house and show him the money! He always said that until I was making real money he didn't want to hear about it.

    I'm sorry for rambling on about myself but I just had to share my story and once again thank you for reaching out. It's a very calming and reassuring feeling to know I'm not alone!

    Christina Ellis

  28. incorporations January 1, 2011 at 12:29 am #

    Pretty nice post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed browsing your blog posts. In any case I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you write again soon!

  29. Simon Byrne June 5, 2011 at 9:12 pm #

    Hi Cher

    Great site by the way, looks great just like to comment on this post, love your frankness love it

    I am very similar in character my friends have put a downer on everything I have ever done over the years and the family can be just as bad

    I have never been one for following the crowd as most end up “nowhere”

    your are so right about association be careful who you listen to as it all wares off sometimes without us even knowing

    if more people would think like this the world would e a far better place

    keep up the good work you sound like a lovely person, and congrats on having the courage to persue your dreams

    kind regard


    p.s here is a good ebook for you, I think you will like no opt in or catch just a present from me to you

    go to


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