Fancy Yourself As The Next J K Rowling?

If you do fancy yourself as the next JK Rowling then it would seem you’re not alone. Today I asked my Facebook friends and subscribers the following question..

Do you want to write a book?

Within just an hour of asking I had 19 thumbs up (of which I can only presume came from those who DO wish to write a book) and a thread of comments, mostly from those who have ideas for books, have already put pen to paper & have the ball rolling & a couple who already have published work.

If I’m honest it amazed me  just how many people have a dream of putting pen to paper & turning their musings, thoughts, life stories & experiences into published work. Maybe fiction is your thing & you fancy you think you could give Miss Rowling a run for her money, maybe your life story would be a gripping page turner to rival Alan Sugars , maybe you have skills & advice that you want to share with the world to make peoples lives a better place like Jack Canfield, Author of Chicken Soup For The Soul, or maybe you have actionable training techniques to help people in business like the legend that is Jay Conrad Levinson who brought us Guerrilla Marketing.

Writing your own book does not need to be a pipe dream, it’s surprising how many “normal people” just like you & I are taking the necessary steps to get their written work published.. But for every one who is I’m sure there are thousands of people who aren’t “doing” and are still just “dreaming” about the idea.

I imagine there are two main reasons that are holding people back..

1) I’m Scared, Will Anyone Be Interested In What I Have To Say?

This is a tricky one to answer, as after all I do not know what your “story” is, but at Google’s last count in August 2010 there were a staggering 129,864,880 books in the world! Thats almost 130 million books, with no doubt hundreds of thousands added to that number in the past 2 years. So its highly likely that whatever niche you’re looking to get into, there’s going to be a niche for you to slip right into.

People are inquisitive creatures, we’re nosey, we want to know whats going on in other peoples lives (hence the boom in autobiographies over the past decade) , we like to educate & learn new things, whether that is how to be a better cook, how to be a better partner, how to be a better parent, or how to have a better outlook in life & many love to escape from reality for a few hours and get their head stuck into something funny, gripping and/or fantastical (that is a real  word I just googled to be sure ha)

So its very possible that what you have to say could be exactly what people want to read. Don’t convince yourself that what you have to say isn’t worthy of attention, if JK Rowling had thought that, there would be No Harry Potter, No Quidditch,  No Gryffindor & No Diagon Alley!… and no excuse for me to dress up like my favourite wizard at fancy dress events….

Cher Pearce Is A Wizard
..Ok I digress, but you get the picture, think if all of our favourite Authors thought to themselves…

“Hmm actually no I won’t write that, I’m not sure people will “get it” or will want to read it.”

Have some belief in yourself and your message and the story that you want to share with people, and if self belief is the only thing that is holding you back from putting pen to paper, then my best advice is “feel the fear and do it anyway.” If you have the belief but have encountered problems and knock backs and are thinking if giving up… Don’t! You must remember J K Rowling got turned down by not 1 or 2 publishing houses with her first Potter book, but a staggering 12 yes twelve before she finally got published by Bloomsbury!

2) I’ve Finished Writing My Book.. But What Do I Do Next?

Maybe you’ve finished your book and its sat there on your desktop “collecting dust” because you just don’t know what to do with it next, or maybe you’re half way through and thinking,

“Oh hell what am I going to do once I’ve finished? How am I going to get it in front of people? How can I monetize this?
What should I be doing next? What if I have an amazing book but ruin its chances because I don’t know
what to do at the next step?”

If these are worries, thoughts and fears of yours then its highly likely that what I am about to share with you will give you that “light at the end of the tunnel” that there is help out there.

Imagine if you could learn from authors who are doing exactly what you want to be doing. Authors who have published work and are getting their stories to millions across the globe. Authors who can back up that knowledge with millions of copies of their written work & billions of sales under their belts. World wide renowned authors who have years of experience. Who have already done the journey that you wish to embark on & succeeded. Imagine if they were willing to share with you the mistakes that held them back, so that you don’t have to go through it yourself.

Imagine how inspired & motivated you would be after spending time with authors who have their books published online with Kindle, or on the Highstreet at bookstores, such as our much loved WHSmith. Do you think that would inspire you to take action. Would it help you to learn the exact blue print to follow to make it happen for you & your book?

If you’ve said yes to any of the above then have I got a treat for you..

1 Room, 3 Days & 12 Multi-Millionaire Bestselling Authors at
The Millionaire Authors Bootcamp

On the 8th, 9th, & 10th June, 2012 renowned seminar organiser Stephanie Hale is bringing together 12 Multi Millionaire Authors under one roof, so that you can learn exactly what you need to do to get your written work published. Between them, these Authors have billions of pounds worth of sales, have published work online & offline, have been on the New York Times Best Sellers List, & have shared the stage with the likes of Tony Robbins, Richard Branson & Alan Sugar.

They know what they are doing.

There are very few opportunities where you have the ability to be around so many successful business men & women & learn their stories, “right from the horses mouth.” At The Millionaire Authors Bootcamp you are able to do exactly that. If you are serious about becoming a published Author, about getting your message & story to the masses & learning how to do it from others who, one day were in exactly the same position as you, then do not let yourself miss this opportunity.

Every smart business man or woman knows how important it is to keep educating themselves, how vital it is to seek mentoring, training & guidance in the areas that they aren’t confident in, or that they know nothing about, despite how successful they are in their own right with their current businesses. Adding a new string to your bow, becoming a success published author, will position you as an expert in your industry, build your brand & your bank balance.

Visit the site below to discover which fantastic Authors you could be rubbing shoulders with & get your ticket booked today.

the millionaire authors bootcamp

This is destined to be one hell of an event! I hope that you will recognise what an opportunity this is & take action on it, and I look forward to seeing you in the audience! Bring your pen and notepad!! 😉

I’d love to read your comments, do you have a pipe dream of writing your own book? Are you in the middle of writing one at the moment, or have any of the above been holding you back? Let me know in the comments box below :)





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