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Hello all!

Today I have a very important post to make!

At the end of this week some fantastic internet marketer friends of mine are going to hurtle themselves out of a plane, all in the name of charity. For Unicef to be exact!

Yes you heard me right 7 big names in internet marketing have all come together in the name of charity and will be making a dive for Unicef on Friday 18th June at Chatteris Airfield Cambridgeshire.

So who are the crazy people happy to jump for a good cause?

dawn mendoncaDawn Mendonca

Entrepreneur, Marketer, Presenter, Mentor, Speaker, Dancer and Mother, Dawn stands for FREEDOM, whether it’s financial freedom, freedom from poverty, freedom for self expression, it is her life purpose to make
a difference to others.

saj p clickbank number 1 best seller
Saj P

Is a 26 year old internet marketing genius. Saj shot to internet marketing fame in June 2008 when he teamed up with Alex Goad and launched his Clickbank best seller, the ‘4 Tier Annihilation Method’.  Up until June 2008, Saj only shared his knowledge with a closed circle of private clients. When he decided to go public with his methods, he was apparently begged by the internet gurus NOT to reveal his many secret money generating methods to the general public!

Dean HuntDean Hunt

Dean started making money on the internet around 2005 and within a short amount of time he became a HUGE success. Dean became an expert in ‘buzz’ marketing, a term that he has made popular.
So how does he make his money? He dabbles in different types of internet marketing, much of which he keeps under the radar; and he provides a consulting service for the people who are lucky enough to be able to schedule time with him.

Edel O’MahonyEdel O'Mahony

Edel is the UK’s leading Law of Attraction strategist, a transformational speaker, entrepreneur, writer, radio presenter and qualified coach. Through personal trauma and numerous life challenges, Edel believed always in unleashing the true magnificence and energy within her.Despite being controlled by those around her, Edel found the strength and courage to not only keep going but to inspire and help others awaken the warrior within. Raising 4 children on her own.

Phil henderson
Phil Henderson

Phil is here to help you to make money online and the ‘Stupidly Simple SEO’ system will provide you with the tools necessary for you to grow as your business grows. All Phil asks is you view the system with an open and teachable mind to ensure you get the maximum benefit. He looks forward to serving you well.

Shaqir HussyinShaqir Hussyin

After stumbling upon the internet and then spending over $47,000+ in educating himself; going ‘deep’ down the rabbit hole with nothing to show for it AND with family and friends laughing at him for going after this pipe dream, he finally “cracked the code.”

Shaqir can teach you everything he and his team of elite marketers know about making money on the internet using a phenomenal marketing system.

suzanne barnett
Suzanne Barnett

Suzanne runs ‘Keep It Simple Software Training’ and is a qualified trainer of IT. She is also a presenter, life coach, NLP Master Practitioner, hypnotherapist and thought field therapist.

She is a full member of the Institute of IT training and is one stage away from gaining full Microsoft Partnership status.

jason fairfieldJason Fairfield

Entrepreneur, Web Designer, Copywriter, Event Promoter, Joint Venture Manager, Speakers Agent and all round nice guy!

For nearly 12 years, Jason was working like a dog and his life was just one crazy loop of wake up, work long hours, eat, sleep and repeat… that was until he found the power fo the Internet!

So todays post is a blatant update to ask you to help our cause and sponsor the Internet Marketing Team, and help them raise money for Unicef! Not only is it a fantastic cause that is well worthy of your hard earned money 😉 but for all of those who donate over $17 you will also get your own copy of ‘The Book To Freedom’ from the Internet Marketing Charity Skydive. This Ebook has been put together by all the marketers jumping and they have all contributed their knowledge in their own internet marketing niche.

Make a pledge today and its a win win situation for all.

Unicef get more money for their charity
You get access to this info packed ebook
I get to see my friends fall out the sky 😉

So please take 2 mins to head over to their website & pledge generously. Your support is greatly appreciated!! There will be footage taken on the day.. so watch this space and you will be able to see the evidence of these crazy marketers jumping from the sky!! :) Thanks again for any contribution you can spare!

internet marketers charity sky dive
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