I’ve got an app for that!

YourNetBiz - Cher Pearce- iphone AppHave you got an iphone? I don’t know about you but I absolutely love mine! I was pretty late on the ole’ iphone bandwagon, and the week I got it I kicked myself I hadn’t got it sooner. I’m not going to lie.. texting on the thing is a nightmare.. but everything else more than makes up for it.

It has everything, email, internet, and apps galore! Such an ingenious invention, and I have to be honest, I am officially addicted to mine, if ever there is a *blank* moment in my life… queueing, TV adverts, or stuck in traffic (thankfully not a regular occurence) the iphone comes out to fill the void.

So imagine how excited I was when I discovered that I too could actually get on my iphone!


Well I’ve got an app for that! An app for me! Now I may be a bit of a technology lover (geek), but when I realised that I could get an app created, I just had to do it! More for my amusement, curiosity & amazement at technology if I’m honest, and I gotta admit it looks pretty cool! So I thought if you too, love to fill that time *void* with your iphone then maybe this would be something you would like too!

So if you want to keep up to date with me, and what is happening in my world then why not download my app today …its free!

You will have access to my latest blog posts, videos and tweets so that you can see what is happening in my world & Internet Marketing world on the go.

So just do one of 2 things.. head over to the app store and search “Cher Pearce” or alternatively you can head straight over to the app store whilst youre online now, ready to get it on your iphone next time you sync!

Download My App Now!

Don’t worry folks.. I’m not taking myself too seriously here 😉 Just thought ity’d be a bit of fun,a great way to connect…and well I  had to feed that iphone addiction of mine.. why dont you feed yours too!

Untill next time :)

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  1. Catherine March 11, 2010 at 7:35 pm #

    Hi Cher, will definitely get your app, that's really cool. I recently got an iphone and they are great – I love frogs and geckos and found a magic dancing frog/gecko and downloaded them and they dance on your photos, really funny.

    Best wishes

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